Here comes another  rant.  Televangelist are going to protect us from the fires of Hell.  My father, a Minister, often said that they would ring about the fires of Hell so that normal sinners would not suffer from the heat as  much.  He was speaking metaphorically, of course.  I do not like televangelists.  My father after suffering from a heart attack,  it nearly killed him.  Here is what he was doing; he gave his salary to the Church so they could build a bigger building.  To support his family, he taught school, and to update his teaching certificate, he took classes, and still did the work of the ministry.  This was what brought on the heart attack.  As a gesture, the Church sent Mom and Dad to Israel.   On the trip was one of these Evangelists.  He did not know his subject very well. … Dad studied the Bible, and the history of the region, and soon people came to him with their questions.  Years later, when this Evangelist had a Church in the Ozarks, Carol and I decided t go to his Church.   He was dressed to the nines, had his new wife with him, and we had a normal opening, Communion, and when it came time for a sermon, he had a man play hymns on a stringed instrument.  This lasted perhaps thirty minutes. and then he did a sales pitch, he had recordings of these same songs for sale.  Talk about Jesus taking a whip to the Pharisees in the Temple, I wanted to beat this man myself. Afterward, we talked, and he remembered the trip to Israel.  I did not say anything.  See More

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