Are you over 50?  I am.   At 68, soon to be 70, I am still looking for what I may do when I grow up.  It is obvious that I have not reached the level of maturity of some.  AARP, the magazine for retired people keeps  a theme of people who are advanced in years, but are still striving to find a niche in this life.  I don’t necessarily want to start at the bottom of some corporate ladder., but I would like to learn a new skill, or improve an old skill.  My interests are; in drawing, writing, telling stories, my wife calls them lies, but I know better.  If could, I would love to do stand-up.  I would be no match with George Carlin, nor as cleaver as Mark Twain.  You know, a hundred years after he died, he wrote a Best Seller.  And why not, it was advertised so well.  He advertised the fact that he was going to write this book, that people had to rush out and get it.  I remember as a kid in Grade School, English teachers said  that Samuel Clemmons, Mark Twain ,was going to write a book a hundred years after his dearth. Twain often said that the only safe place to tell the truth  was from the grave.  So obviously, his ploy worked.


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  1. If you want to know a little about what goes into doing stand up, I suggest you listen to Mark Maron’s podcasts. If you can, the earlier ones tend to cover that subject quite a bit. Maron is a stand up comic and was one of the original morning guys on Air America. When they fired him (for wanting to get paid more and work from CA instead of NY) he started a podcast called WTF. He initially started by interviewing other stand up comics and they described the process they would go through to create their performance. Listen to it and you will either be inspired or overwhelmed.


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