Kansas City Talk Radio

In 1991, I got mentioned in the K.C. Star. Brian McTavish interviewed me over the phone.  The article was called,;” Their Two cents worth,” it was a piece about those who either called into radio stations, or who wrote editorials to the newspapers, or contributed some way to the public their concerns.  I usually called in a public Radio station to voice my views, and on occasion, I did put down my thoughts in a “Letters to the Editor” section of the newspaper.  I usually called Walt Bodine.  But I did not use all of my calls to  state my political beliefs.  Rather, I enjoyed his program and contributed whenever possible, staying on topic.  This made me one of his favorite callers.  He called us ” The Regulars”, but of course, there were those not so welcome, and he just left that at that.  in fact, one day he invited his favorite callers to come visit the studio.  We filled the room.    t

Walt was a Kansas City man.  He grew up in the city, and knew it well.  As a special reporter for the Star, he made Kansas City, Missouri his base.  He had a program called; ” As It was”  Referring to  Kansas City, Missouri, as he recalled it as a kid.  Many  places had changed hands or completely disappeared.  He had a special guest for these segments, the President of the Kansas  City  Historical Society.  Her name was  Jane.  She and Walt could discuss:  people, places and things from a by- gone era.  I will post her last name somewhere in ETC.  She died, and took one of his favorite segments away.  Another favorite show he had was : “Note the Quote”.  This game was not easy, and then there was the name game, where he stripped titles from names, and  the caller had to identify the individual.  For instance, If I asked who Dwight David Eisenhower was, the correct response would be General, and President of the United States of America.  That one was easy.

Walt was of a dying breed.  His type of programming was for the thinking man.


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