Dr. Marshall Saper-Radio Psychologist

In the ’80’s, and into the ’90’s radio Psychologist were the rage.  Dr. Marshall Saper started out on KMBZ AM  radio,  something must have gone wrong, and he soon left that station to go to KCMO AM , which was a better fit for his program.  KCMO went far to the North.  People in Minnesota could listen  to him.    I was one of his Cronies.  I have one of his books, and he inscribed it; “To Vernon, my Crony.  I was so well known by my voice that strangers recognized me.

In 1991, Saper committed suicide.  I’ll post that article in ETC.  Saper gave the outward appearance of being together, but I do think he was a tad Paranoid.   He smoked a pipe, and it must have stunk up the studio  where all on air personalities worked.  In one of my calls, I mentioned this to him, about smoking a pipe, and he became very defensive.  He really lost it,   as if I were a stalker.  He wanted to know how I knew he smoked a pipe?  Had I been following him around?  I told him about the woman who was on before  him she  had mentioned  the pipe.  I talked with one of his patients, and he too confirmed that Saper was a bit nutty.

I met Saper on three  different occasions.  He would  go out to speak at publicity places for the station, and of course, he always had his books.  I bought two of the three he wrote, and he  autographed the last book I bought from him. He had a Crony Certificate made up.  I think a caller came up with it.  And it certified that if you listened to “the Old Country Doctor, you were his crony.  He autographed my book as being  his Crony. 





Saper was accused of having sexual relations with a patient.  Something he denied.  I don’t believe he did, but that is probably why he killed himself.  It was going to trial, and publicity of this nature was the last thing he wanted.  It too is in the article I’ll post in ETC. 


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