Local radio

One of the things I miss  most is local radio programming.  Walt Bodine centered hi entire shows to what was happening right here.  Monthly,  he alternated  between the Mayors of KCMO, and Kansas City, Kansas, as guests on his shows.  One elected official commented to Walt that he had not thought of what would really concern the citizens of his area.  He may have been thinking  global but his constituents were thinking locally.  As I pointed out, he was quick to focus his attention  on what was happening  here,  Jane Flynn was one such example. 

Walt also had a  program  called Wild Life in the City.  Often times we forget that we have wild critters living with us.  For example; deer, owls, skunks, Paragon Pigeons, Fox, and squirrels, to name just a few species share living space with us and every month Walt had Animal experts come in and field questions about these critters.  In my traveling’s as a Delivery driver, I had come across Fox, and deer in the city, even wild turkey’s.  Did you know that they can fly?

If there were riots, or some disturbance, Walt would use these occasions to reach out to the locals.  When riots broke out after Martin Luther King was killed, Walt was talking to the people , when the Hyatt  disaster  occurred, Walt was calling for people to give blood.   Calling for order.  Only local programing  can:  inform, soothe, and bring back peace and tranquility .

Marshall Saper too aided the community.  In the early ’90’s, KCMO was advertising  a scary ad; “Real Men Don’t use Porn” was their theme.  In their ads, they implied that a whole lot of sin was  going on.  They had a poster with a small child, dressed shabbily,  who had a look on her face as if she had been through Hell with sexual abuse.  And under her picture was the phrase;”Real men don’t use Porn.”   This ad aired at least every advertising break.  Finally, I called Saper.  I told him about the ad, and wondered who was behind it?  I also discovered that Saper never listened to these  ads until I pointed it out to him.  The next day, we discovered who was responsible for these ads.  Playboy made a joke of it, because there were only two cities  involved in this campaign; Kansas City, and one other town  Cincinnati, Ohio.  The picture of the little girl was a picture of the daughter of the man in charge of the campaign here.  The aim of the campaign was to stop the renting of adult videos, and other sexual novelties. Ed Meese was also a sponsor of this program.  You recall, Ronald Regan’s Attorney General.  But with a little light shown about, this went away.


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