How I believe only a fraction of what I read….

I was reading SALON.COM, and there was this article about a woman who with her husbands consent, took on a boy  friend.  It was according to the article a polygamous relationship, but rather it being the man who had wives, the wife in this incident, had a boyfriend.  This is a man’s dream, not a woman’s.  It is  for this alone I discount the story.   I really don’t know why Salon has put itself in such a stupid fix.  Someone wrote; “Isn’t this a repost of an old story?  I can’t vouch for that, but it is so stupid that it might be a repost.  The woman was as ugly as a mud fence.  How she could attract two men is beyond me.  She must have been a brilliant conversationalist.

According to this article, she had a daughter.  Now, what if she became  pregnant by the boy friend?  Would the husband take responsibility of rearing the child as if he were the father, or would he go  for a paternity test?  I doubt if he would take responsibility for something he never created.  Strike two on why I don’t believe the story.

Thirdly, no where in the article did it state how expenses would be spit.  He is living in a house , not his, sleeping with a man’s wife,  not his, there was no mention of house hold chores, or the laying out of expenditures for food, rent, insurance, or upkeep.  Look for the article, and be sure tio read the comments.



One thought on “How I believe only a fraction of what I read….

  1. Vernon, polyamorous relationships have been around, probably since forever. Certainly we all know how in the times of the Old Testament it was common for a man to have multiple wives. The ancient Jews were most certainly a patriarchal culture, there is no reason why in a matriarchal culture women would not have multiple husbands. The article may be a repeat, but I seriously doubt there is any need for it to be false.
    Your points regarding the legal issues are all valid, but in the US our laws don’t recognize any person of either gender being married to more than one person at a time. The same is true about most of our religions. That does not prevent individuals from living in all sorts of various sexual combinations, and any legal complications can be worked out. Although, not necessarily to the satisfaction of all parties.
    Most people are most comfortable with the one mate at a time, And both parties usually enter into a marriage with that intention, A few are not happy with just one partner, and in most cases the dissolves the marriage. A few couples, can come to a mutual accommodation. Good for them.


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