New Years, A time to be Thankful

I  know on New Years we are supposed to make resolutions.  Resolving to do better in the next year, I have given up on being better, but settling for being grateful.  This morning, as I rose from sleep, I mentally thanked the Lord for another day.  I also thanked Him for the opportunity to try again.  I thanked Him for my wife, who has suffered with me for forty-three years.  She,  truly was a gift I did not deserve.

Then, my thoughts turned to the people I have met through the Internet.  I also included friends which seemingly disappeared because of my wanderings, who have been found once again through the Internet.  Kenny Stevenson and I were close friends, he then moved to Florida.  I thought I had lost him forever, but one last search on the Internet,  we were united.    In Grade school Ed Davis was one of the brightest, and wittiest individuals I  had ever known, and again, thanks to the Internet, we have found one another.

Then, there are the people that I have met only through the Internet; Pete from Germany, Janie, Elizabeth, just to name a few, and let me add Brad.  Brad has become a great friend and mentor.

So, although I may not improve, I want all to know how grateful I am that you are my friends. 


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