I am ashamed to call myself a Kansan…..

When Governor Brownback was elected, he brought with him all of the baggage of the Right Wing; support business over the General Welfare, cut social spending, lay more weight upon the poor and disadvantaged, and narrow the voting rights of those in the electorate.  The ACLU is suing The State for what it calls a two tier system of voting.  Just as it is in Arizona.  Under the two Tier plan, it designates who can vote and who cannot vote.  Of course, those just Naturalized will be scrutinized, and prevented from voting.  The other night, I listened to a n ad by Koback, the Attorney General, where he explained this as a process  to protect the voting box, when in truth, it stops change.   Minorities would never allow for what these people are advocating, and when I took American History, the idea was to expand voting rights rather than to narrow down who could or could not participate in elections.  Neo-cons hate Democracy.  They try to squelch it where ever possible.

A good example is voter registration on campuses.  Or, in general, voting registration  drives period.  All of which would put an end to  their control over the populace.  If you live in Kansas, Indiana, you live in peril of losing all your rights.


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