Repost from ETC

 This is my favorite TV Western series.  I have watched many episodes over and over again, but my favorite episode is about an old outlaw who has come to the end of the line.  He and his gang have  robbed a bank, Paladin is hired to return the money.   The Episode is titled;”In an Evil Time.  Paladin finds Pappy, his horse has thrown him, and left him with a broken leg.  Paladin sets the leg.  Paladin knows who he has, and gets him to lead him to the money.  His partners are loose, and they too are looking for the money.  They do not want to share the loot.  They want to kill Pappy, take the money and run.  Paladin and Pappy fight off the remaining members of the gang, but in the fight Pappy is killed.  At the end, Pappy asks Paladin to say a few words over him before dying.  Paladin quotes Ecclesiastes 9:12&13.


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