I’m showing my age…..

I’ve stated this before, I miss non-political talk Radio.  I miss Jean Shepherd, I miss Long John Nebel.   I miss radio where you could listen, and not feel insulted.

That’s right, When I listen to Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, my intelligence is insulted.  I remember listening to  George Norey.  He had as a guest a man who claimed that Obama was an alien, that he was not born in the United States.  Something which has been proven false a thousand times over. It was then, I decided not to listen to garbage.

However, finding something worthy of my listening pleasure has been difficult to find.  I have tried WGN, but nothing pleases me there, then KMOX came as a substitute, but it too lacked something.  I even tried WCCO, but the signal is weak.  Even at that, the programming sucks.  I could invest some money to get a liberal political point of view.  Mike Malloy, whom I have listened to for about ten years, has podcasts, but after an hour of listening to his appraisal on the world of politics, I want to slit my wrists.

All I am looking for is light entertaining programming.  Jean Shepherd knew the trick, Don Mc Neil also could be light, and enjoyable entertainment.  He did it forever on Mutual’s “The Breakfast Club”, and they never did serve breakfast.  It was fast paced, it was “Laugh-in” on radio.  Is that to much to ask?


One thought on “I’m showing my age…..

  1. In the Boston area we have a clear channel radio station, WBZ. They are not a member of the Clear Channel stations, instead that refers to a handful of stations that have a special licence that prevents any other station in the US from being on the same frequency. Over the years they would have the type of entertaining programming that you are talking about. The MC of them all was Larry Glick, who for years broadcast overnight. You may have heard of him since he would get callers from all over the country.
    But you are right, there is very little of the (usually) local apolitical radio programming. But I think you may need to explore some of the internet radio apps. With your Ipad and some speakers you may find what you are looking for.


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