Why I distrust money people…..

  Huffington post has a series of articles how people have been taken in Ponzi schemes.  Madoff is just the latest crook to have been caught.    J.P. Morgan Chase pays $2 bn in Madoff probe.  The worst part is that this is not limited to those who run Ponzi  schemes but bankers, investment companies, and the list goes on, and on.  Recently, it was shown how Bankers used the Stock Market to gain wealth.  And, although I usually don’t agree with the right wing whackos , how is it that Senators when they leave Washington, go right into some investment corporation?  And, let us not forget that it was Bankers who lead to the down turn in housing. And let us not fort Enron.  If you recall they manipulated power plants, and electricity prices.  They made their Billions off the backs of the poor, and they caused a California Governor to lose his job.  And let me add one more to the list, the scheme to bilk you by buying gold.  Gold is a precious commodity, but its intrinsic value can be set not  just by the market, but by government.


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