Giving Money to the rich is not going tomhelp the working stiff…..

I understand that Brownback is losing favor in Kansas.  And why not?  His idea of giving the corporations tax breaks at the cost to workers, is just plain stupid.  It did not do anything on the National level, and it sure as Hell isn’t going to do much on the local level.

I understand the theory.  The theory is; allow Corporations more freedom, and they will hire more locals, making for a better economy, but this does not work.  The Corporation is going to make money.  It is a monster that has no allegiance to any State, or Country.  If it fails to make a profit, then it dies, and we know they aren’t going to do that. The corporation has no soul.  It will do anything to keep profits for itself , so aiding the Corporation is self defeating to the individual worker.  Look how Corporations have gone to the cheapest labor market.  A good example is AT@T.  I have U-Verse for my phone and computer.  If you call tech support, you will  more than likely get a non-American to try and help you.  From what country, will come your help?  Who knows?  And how much is this individual being paid?  The answer is as low as the company can get away with.  Naturally, they pay better than what the locals would get where they reside, but it is still small change to the corporation.  I have heard of companies in the high tech end of things to hire people, put them on a ship, and work them in shifts.  As I have said, the Corporation has no soul.


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