Last night I missed the target…..

  I thought I could directly go into word Press from Facebook.  Well, I was wrong.  So, I will try to repost what I was thinking last night.

In Yahoo News, they were talking about how serious a problem it is for those who have tried to find work, but have found it almost imposable to find work.  Republicans are about to pull the one thing they did have, Unemployment Insurance.  I’ve been there, but I was fortunate in that I had a teaching certificate, and I could sub.  Now substitution work pays only about $40.00 a day, and you aren’t lucky enough to catch a job every day, although in the end, I was a regular sub.  They could plug me in anywhere.  It was not the best of work, but at least it was work.  Robert Cline, the Comedian/Actor did sub work to supplement what work he had coming in.  So, I was fortunate. 

But not everyone is as fortunate, as I had been.  Some people, and this was true in Indiana, graduated high school, and from there went directly into the steel mills.  Now, the steel mills are gone.  They were one of the largest employers of those living on both sides of the State Line; Indiana, and Illinois.  Now, what if you are 50, or in your early 60’s.  Old, but not old enough to retire, and the only work experience you had was working in the Mills.  Going back to school, if you were  younger, but by the time you got a degree or a new skill, you would be older, and employers would be less interested in hiring you.  This is the problem..


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