After watching ” The Last Word ”

It appears if Christie is in hot water.  As pointed out in the broadcast, the Governor made several contradictory statements.  This and the two hour news conference did nothing to help his cause.  If indeed, Christie has a cause.  And, for a guy who won easily a second term as Governor, it looked as if he would sail into the Presidential  selection without any difficulty.  But then, there was this matter of a bridge.  As one commentator put it, how did a simple statement;  ” I think we need some bridge work,’ translate into lets create a mess.  It had to be orchestrated by Christie . And, because of this , Christie might not be Governor for very long.  He could be impeached, because this is a misuse of his powers.

I am really disappointed in this guy.  I thought after all the help he received from Obama after their weather crisis, that he would have more sense than this.  I was  obviously wrong.  I even thought, perhaps he would change Parties.  Now, I am glad he didn’t.

Christie has come down with a disease which affects most Republicans, they think that they own the office the occupy.  They forget that it is the people who put them where they are, and they sit to work for our good.

Now, living in the Mid-West, we have several bridges, but none as crowded as the bridge Christie chose to close down.  That’s right, he did it.  As one pundidit


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