I am against Capital Punishment

http://www.wsaz.com/home/headlines/Ohio-Kilker-Nears-Execution-with-Untried-Method–240291891.html#.UtgW2OLTUUg.facebook  I did not know this man, or the murder he was supposed to have committed.  The thing which really bothers me is how long it took him to die.  Another objection is the fact they are using medical technology to dispatch the executions. , Using  medical procedures which were invented to make surgery easier on the patient, now is incorporated in killing.  But aside from that, Capital Punishment  does not prevent murder.  If it did, then there would be no need to execute anyone. 

I wonder what the logic is behind this policy?  Revenge?  Perhaps, but not Justice.  What good does it do the State to condemn a man  to death?  I would think solitary confinement for life would be more useful.  The idea is to separate a dangerous individual from the population.  Death separates him into oblivion.

To my way of thinking this is cruel and unusual punishment, and should be stopped.


One thought on “I am against Capital Punishment

  1. The whole idea of a Death Penalty is really just an excuse for revenge. Of course, the reason we have courts, judges, and juries is to keep the punishment void of revenge. But the gut instinct for revenge runs deep and I we are still many, many generations away acting on it. But, one way we can minimize the impact of revenge as part of the sentencing is to remove the Death Penalty as a sentence,


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