Ten Minutes of Fame

I’m sure all of us have had a fleeting experience with fame.  I recalled several in one of my groups; in Facebook; Being elected Class President of the Junior Class, being in the Junior Class Play.  I started out with a tiny role, I believe I had just two spoken lines, which was fine with me, but then the guy they chose to play the starring role had to withdraw because his father pulled him out of the play.  And, through no fault of my own, I was thrust into the spotlight.  Of course, I had to learn more lines than just two.  The play was a hit.  My father who was substituting was once asked by a student; “Are you any relation to that Justice kid that was in that play? ”  Now, that is fame.

When I called on radio stations, my voice was radio active.  I once had a conversation with someone, and he asked; “Where have we met before?”  We hadn’t, but he had heard me enough times on the radio, to recognize my voice.

Fame is fleeting, and I would wonder how many of you have had such fleeting experiences.  They are lifting, but oh so quickly they pass.


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