Valentine’s Day…..

Saint Valentine, way back in ancient Roman times, would give small gifts to those whom he liked.  Mind you, this is all from memory, so I am  a little fuzzy on the facts, but this time had nothing to do with  lust or having carnal knowledge with the opposite sex.  I can’t find reference either to Saint Valentine, and even the date is fuzzy, somewhere between the 13th and 15th day of February was when  it occurred in ancient times.  Esthar, was a time of  sexual frolicking , and the Christians took over this holiday and created Easter, a time that Christ rose from the dead,  And Spring was represented by Easter Eggs, chicks, you know chickens, and other symbols of new life.  The two holidays are so close.  Of course, Valentines Day is still here although a bit  commercialized

I remember as a kid, having to give Valentines to my school class mates..  It didn’t really hold my interest. I don’t know why the teacher’s promoted it, but they did.

As an adult, I have seen men line up at the flower displays.  Deciding what flower and candy arrangements to offer to their significant  others on this day.  I have noticed some with glazed looks in their eyes.  It is as if they too are confused to the meaning of this holiday.  I know, I’ve been there.


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