Coast to Coast A.M.

Last night, I turned to Norey on Coast to Coast.  Usually, he interviews people who believe in Spirits, and UFO’s.  I have tetanus so bad, I have  to knock out the choir which sings in my head.  I know, most people with tetanus have birds chirping in their ears, I get what sounds like Indians pounding on drums, yelling a war cry.  So last night to drown out that noise, I turned on Norey.  And last night, did I ever get a shock.

Norey usually follows the Murdock line, after all, Fox supports him, but last night he had a guest on with whom I agreed with.  I wrote about this in ETC.  He said the following: America is being taken over by  corporations.  In fact the wars we fought in Iraq, and Afghanistan were both Corporate Wars, that is, the USA was being used by the Corporations to get what they wanted. In Iraq, it was oil.  I don’t know what they want with Afghanistan, perhaps opium.  Also, for the most part these wars are being manned with men who join the service in hopes of American citizenship.  He pointed out, that because this is the case, there is no draft, the deaths of American soldiers can be easily forgotten.  Now, I would point out when Reservist were called into action, and  their death tolls rose, there was some kick back .

He also asserted that the next wars will be fought in Africa.  He also pointed out that Russia and China are in Africa as well for the same reason, natural resources.  He also said that China, unlike U.S. Corporations  will put infrastructure in place when they come to rape Africa.

Then, my question is, are we to act like domestic animals to be used for the good of the Corporations.  A good example  of this would be cattle in a feed lot.  They get fed, but they also get slaughtered.  Are we so blind that General Motors doesn’t give a whit about you, or your rights?  I have tried pointing this out in several articles; Boeing moving out of a State where workers have Union Rights, or Kansas, or how about the disappearance of good manufacturing jobs here to overseas plants, and what about all those AFTA treaties, which have cut the working individual down to that of a peon.  Wake up America!


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