Einstein the cat. My Time travelling companion.
Einstein the cat. My Time travelling companion.

It has come to my attention that we have a job shortage of some sort in the US.  So, after hearing that, I asked how long has this been going on?  You see, I have a job so how would I know that for 6 years there has been between 10% and 15% unemployment. You know the number of people that have a job compared to the number of people that want a job.  I had expected to hear that this job shortage had been around for 6 months, maybe a year; but 6 years?!  What has Congress been doing? They know how to create jobs, they have done it before. Just fix the shit that is broken first, and if that isn’t enough, start a war against entropy and fix the stuff that will be broken or replace it with something better. What is so hard?

Anyways, to make a long story short, I figured I needed to understand how this all works and then solve it.  So, I took advantage of knowing where President Obama hid his time machine and I borrowed it for 5 minutes. At least, that is how long it appears I was gone. I went back in time to when all this unemployment started, took a picture of my cat Einstein, you can see the date on the picture as proof that I am not making this up. I read books, I read blogs and articles. I debated people about their theories of economics and what went wrong. Now I have arrived back at the time I left plus (5 minutes) and I actually have this all figured out!

But first, my bodies have to reintegrate.  And so does Einstein!







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