Brad and I have a conversation in ETC

I would like to explain that at the age of six months, I either had Polio,  or Spinal Meningnitis.   We are not sure just what it was .  I’m told that I had a high fever, I recovered, but my right leg curved  to the left. It wasn’t until I was nine , that a doctor diagnosed my problem.  He proposed surgery to straighten out the leg. Let me tell an amusing story here, and it is directly related to my first leg operation .  Checking in at Children,s Mercy was on Sunday..  The process was very thorough, and in my estimation more painful than necessary.  My parents lived a hundred miles from the hospital.  When I woke, my first thoughts were on them.  I did not want to go into surgery without them being there.  Unfortunately, they were not there.  The night before, I had laid in a room dark,  desolate of family.  Across the hall, there was a little girl, she too possibly faced surgery, but she had her family with her.   I, was all alone.  Of course, my father had duties, being the Pastor of a Church, he could not be with me.  I  understood this, but I could not  help but feel sorry for myself.  But now it was A sunny , 




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