Mike Malloy predicts…..

I listen to Mike over the  Internet.  I have seen his web broadcasting, and frankly his accomodations resembeles the old 
TV Show, Fernwood Tonight. If you recall, the furnishings on that shoe were quite shabby, but that was intentional.  Mike’s set up is not so.  I was allowed a peek into his studio for free, so my observations come from only that.  But, there is a glass between him and Kathy, like in a real studio, mike has a lamp, whose is reflected off the glass.  It gives off an eerie glow.  But then again, it is his basement.  Mike is old, and the pictures from his camer shows an old man.

Now, this is not to disparage the guy.  I mean, Mike has bounced around the radio dial for at least 20 years.  I know, I folowed him from WLS to WIN Radio, a Union sponsered prpogram, to Air America, to Nova.  And now, like a soldier forced to surviive on his own, he has dug a fox hole, and he is strapped in for a last ditch fight.  But, Mike is old, and no matter how hard he fights, time is running out.

This alone makes me feel sad.  Not only are there those who are still ignorant of what Mike is Preaching about,but the fight is really unequal.  On the one hand, you have money and power who control the air waves, and then there is Mike in his bunker, and Fernwood lamp.

I know Mike is no believwer in any religion, but I am reminded of the prophets in the Bible who becried their plight because they thought they were the only ones speaking out for the truth.  I am reminded of Jeremiah, who called Iseral to Repent, but of course, they did not.   I believe that it was Jeremiah who said that the rich would sell the poor for a pair of shoes.

So Mike Malloy, the Mad prophet cries out ;”I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!”  “Network”! Anyway, he says that the Republicans are going to win the Senate come the next election.  Can the end not be too far off?



One thought on “Mike Malloy predicts…..

  1. I’m a huge Malloy fan, but his prognostication track record is not very good. I am sure he would be the first to agree. Anyways there are two things Democrats must do, to take back the House and hold the Senate. First, they must not run away from the ACA. If they personally have modifications they want made, then run the proposal by Pelosi and Reid and run on that fix. Second follows directly from the first. Reid and Pelosi need to come up with a list of 10 actual bills that they will try to introduce this year. Each Democrat running for the House or the Senate should pick no more than 5 of those bills and run their campaign around them. So with a positive message where Democrats can say, this is what I want to pass when we take back the House; people will know what is coming. It also gives them lots of room to point out that Republicans have not done diddly squat, nor are they proposing diddly squat; add in their record on women’s rights, gay rights, veteran benefits, immigration and healthcare.

    Democrats can take the House and hold the Senate, they just need to give voters a reason to vote for them.


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