We are Screwed

Last night Mike Malloy sited why he is withdrawing from politics, that is voting.  He sited many reasons for this; when  free speech is equated with money, when corporations are given the same status as you and me, when politicians no longer  care what we have to say but are held accountable to big money, then we are most definitely screwed.  When Big Oil, Big gas, and logging companies ignore common sense, we are screwed.

I posted about how even the shrine  of Capitalism was tilted away from you and me, we are definitely screwed.  I’m talking about the Stock Exchange.

What to do?  Malloy has decided to sit this one out.  He thinks, and I agree, the system, will fall upon itself.  It cannot last.  Or we will just turn into an Oligarchy, where money rules and all regulations go out the door.  Another approach is to fight the good fight, but Malloy says with as corrupt as the system is, this is futile. Or, you can revolt, but I do not see this happening.  The choice is for us to choose.


One thought on “We are Screwed

  1. I sympathize very much with this point of view. But Mike is still on the radio and the internet fighting the good fight to seek out the truth. While he personally may feel that his personal vote is pointless, his program is by itself a vote for change. I differ on this point with Mike. Our vote does matter, I still believe we can win back America at the ballotbox; and there is enough of a difference between Democrats and Republicans to continue to support Democrats. On the other hand I recall a text book from one of my first programming classes. The first page was picture of a building being subjected to the wrecking ball. The caption read “Sometimes it is better to start all over”. Mike believes that is where we are at, time for the wrecking ball. Time to let the Republicans have their way with America and the world. If we survive, then we will be better for it. Are the Republicans the ones that will bring the fire? I hope not. The flood was avoidable and the fire also will be.


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