In defence of God….

Not that God needs an advocate, but I am tired of those who do not believe in Him.  Bill Maher, Mike Malloy , and others point out the flaws in what has been presented to be from God.  A few examples, no where does the Bible say how old the earth is.  I mentioned this in my last post.  It says, the Bible that God spoke and the world was created;” let there be light.” Etc.Etc., Etc, but no where is  it said how the Universe was put together.  And since God invented time,” A day with  God could be any amount of time.”  And,  since Satan was the first occupant of Earth, how long did he reign here?  As I said before, there was war in Heaven, and God messed up the earth, so Genesis 1 is not the story of creation, but recreation. 

Paul in Romans talks about the innate need in man to seek a higher power.    That man knows he is  sinful, and looks to find salvation.  The pagans built alters to their gods, attributing to them special powers; rain, fertility to both the individual, and to the earth.  

Scoffers, or those who doubt, say, ” Things are as they have always been, but their perspective is limited in scope.  How far back can we really go?  Not far, I am afraid.  So, when Bill Maher, Mike Malloy point out that things are as they have always, that God is invisible, you can’t see, hear or feel God, but that does not mean He does not  exist.  I will not try to deny what Science has estimated.  I might even go as far to say that perhaps the story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor, I don’t know.  Perhaps all of these examples of early man type creatures were God’s experiment, in creating man, and perhaps Natural Selection is one of God’s tools.  We know, that man has modified many animals with this process.  Only a fool would deny it.

And, one of the reasons I am a Progressive is because we care about the earth, we care about the poor, we care about resources that are given for us to use an preserve.  As Paul writes in Romans; The earth groans looking for redemption. Romans 8:22.

Science tells us that matter can not be destroyed, it can be changed, but not destroyed.  Man  is mortal, but can he just  not exist?    I don’t think so.



One thought on “In defence of God….

  1. namaste’ heading
    namaste’ defined
    “I honor the place in you where Spirit lives
    I honor the place in you which is
    of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace,
    when you are in that place in you,
    and I am in that place in me,
    then we are One.”

    It is pronounced as”Namastay” with the first two a’s as the first a in “America” and the ay as in “stay”, but with the t pronounced soft with the area just behind the tip of the tongue pressing against the upper-front teeth with no air passing (as the t in “tamasha”).

    For Hindu(s), the greeting of choice is Namaste’, the two hands pressed together and held near the heart with the head gently bowed as one says, “Namaste'”. Thus it is both a spoken greeting and a gesture, a Mantr(a) and a Mudr(a). The prayerful hand position is a Mudr(a) called Anjali, from the root Anj, “to adorn, honor, celebrate or anoint.” The hands held in union signify the oneness of an apparently dual cosmos, the bringing together of spirit and matter, or the self meeting the Self. It has been said that the right hand represents the higher nature or that which is divine in us, while the left hand represents the lower, worldly nature.

    this is an animated flower


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