Will Corporarions kill the Internet?

I know that corporations have done a good job of killing  AM radio.  When all you can hear on AM stations are Right Wing blowhards, you know you have been hacked.  I can recall a day when the AM dial was all free of politics.  There were Talk shows, but usually they avoided politics.   Now, they call blowhards talk shows, and it is only talk in one direction.  They do the talking, and if you disagree, well, your voice will never be heard.  I recall when Larry King had one of these Right Wing liars on, I called to rebut the lies he was  saying, and found myself shut down.  In the control booth, I was shut off.  Thanks to a machine which was supposed to prevent obscenity going over the air, it was used to shut me up.  That was when  I stopped listening to King..

I am sure if Comcast, and Time Warner get control of the web, they will kill “Net Neutrality”.  I am not sure how they will promote Right Wing agendas, but I am sure they will.  The question then remains; how do we combat this?

I know, if and when this happens, I will save x amount of dollars by cutting myself free from the Internet.  I will use other means to get my information.  Perhaps Malloy will still be on the  air, or Progressive Voices.  I do not know..  Perhaps MSNBC will still be preaching the Liberal line, I don’t really know.

If possible, this blog will continue.  Here I will present new information,, I will try to keep this line open.  I am reminded of the prophet who despaired because he thought his message was not being heard, God assured him that he was being heard.  I must believe that Capitalism is a caner and will poison itself and die.  Malloy has a term for it. ,It does not come directly to mind, but be assured, it will kill itself.  I think it was Marx who said that raw Capitalism would hang itself by the rope it sold.

Blogs, letter Writing, and the like could and should keep Liberals going.  Needless to say, it is going to be a fight.


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