The unforseeable Future

When I got married, 42 years ago, Carol and I wrote our own vows.  It is strange now that I think about it, but if you are to rewrite the traditional vows; “I do take this woman to be my lawful wife; in sickness, in health etc,,you can’t escape the clause,”til death us do part…”Yet, I really hate the idea of death.  So, I changed that part to ,”:No matter what the uncertain future may bring.”  Not mentioning the inevietable, death, but making it clear that i had no intention of going anywhere.. It sounded good  at the time.

Well, we most certainly have weathered “in sickness.”  One of the first things i had to do after the Honeymoon was to check her into the ER at our local hospital.  I too have had my brushes with health issues, still do, and throughout it all, we have been devorted to one another, although there have been times I have more than tried her patience.

I’m deaf.  If it were not for hearing devices, I would be totally deaf.  And if there is one thing which upsets Carol is me not undersanding what he is tying to say.. You heard about the guy who came to the doctor with two black eyes?  Doctor asked how this happened?  The man explained ; ” His wife said shut up, and he thoufght she said stand up.”

There is no doubt that there are disadvatages to not being able to hear.  The five senses;hearing, seeing, touching , smelling, and tasting, are all wonderful gifts, but take any one of them away, and life is not so good.  My father was color blind, in that he could not see colors.  It is an inherited disease.  If it were not foe my moher checking what he wore, it would be a disaster in the wardrobe department.  Or consider the inability to taste.  Or smell, both are related.

This is a political blog, so I must make an analogy to Republicans.  They cannot see the destruction they are causing to the enviroment, they cannot smell the pollution which is choking rhe earth, they cnnot feel the pain they inflict upon others, they have lost their senses.


3 thoughts on “The unforseeable Future

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  2. Sounds like you’ve had a long road to haul and I’m glad you have come out on top. As to the Republicans I think they see it it’s just that they have turned off their conscience and can no longer see past their next donation to stay in power. Sign of bad things to come for USA if they gain the Senate! Have a great day and thanks for the new link. Namaste & Peace.


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