Radio Heroes

As a college student, I lived near Chicago, and I was able to listen to some great talent;Wally Phillips on WGN,, Roy Leonard in the afternoon on the same station, and on a station hich was a squeakwr, I listened to Benson and I think the other fllow ‘s name was Hedges, and to round out my might, I could listen to Jack Eigen, and when he left Chicago there was Dave Baulm on I now forget the station.  But soon,after I left Northern Indiana, this station   went to all Spanish, and then to some Right Wing Conglomerate.,   Jack Eigen decided to move to Florida, snd do a radio show in Miami.  Ironically, he was in competition with Larry King, who was working at the restrauant Surf siode Six.  Both Eigen and King started out sitting at a table trying to get movie stars to come sit at his table so he could interview them over the radio.. Ed Sullivan did the same in New york.  Eigen has been called ” The Father of Talk Radio.”  Seemingly, he was the first to do an interview show.  He mainly interviewed movie and stage stars..  Forrest Tucker was one of his favorite stars to interview.  He often said that he would make a good political candidate, and this had shades of Ronald Reagan.  Tucker shied away from such talk, but I do think he was a Conservative.  Not sure about that?

One summer, I drug my wife and her cousin to be part of his radio shiow.  I was surprised at how few peop;e there were attending.

Eigen was on WMAQ, gone forever.  His program was live.  No call-ins, he was emphatic on that.  He often said that if he could not think of a quetion to ask, then he would leave the business.  He never faltered for a question.  One Summer, I drug my wife and her cousin to see his show..  This Show started at 10:30 and was over by One AM..  Eigen, unlike in New York was often hard pressed to find stars of any stripe, so he did the next best thing, he interviewed commom every day people.  For an hour or so, they begsn to feel as if by golly, they were special.  I know, I tried to question one of his guests, a common Joe,, and he ignored me.

In K.C., interview shiows were at least a rarity.  Walt Bodine had been doing “Night  Beat “on a local station, but he too had problems of finding notable guests..  Walt invented games to pThen, there was; “The Name Game.  You take a name, stri[ it of a title and ask who this individual is, and to further com[licate the gsme, this person could be real or of fiction.  He lso had a  \gme called “Note the Quote”, and it usually cionsisted of movioe quotes, although not always.

Dr. Marshall Saper, a local Psychologist started out on KMBZ, but ended u[p on KCMO radio.  His program was all about Psycbilogy and why we do whart we do, nd hhos  to modify our behaviour.  His was a good show until he killed himself,.  I knew them all.  



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