They All Writ Books

II am referring to Talk Show hosts.  Jack Paar wrote three books, and the last two were rehashes of the first, or so I think.  Larry King has written several books , not sure how many , but I do not believe he has repeated any of his stories.  The only one who never wrote a book was Jack Eigen.  I could have added Mike Murphy’s name to the list, but before he died, he authored a small book.  He always alibied for not writing a book was because he had so few stories to tell.  Not true.  Jeff Conaway , who had a history of drug use, invaded the KCMO studio when he was on something, but he said nothing about it.   Then there was the time he broke his ankle, and he had it surge rivalry repaired.  He had a faith healer come to the studio, and he asked if he could touch the ankle,  I asked what had happened for the last thing we heard was Mike screaming in pain.  Mike said that this was towards the end of his program, he was not paying any attention to the guest, who when he touched his ankle sent an electrical shock through his body.  Again, he never wrote about this incident.

g in pain.


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