Why do we live where we are?

In Writers, I gave the illustration of my wife’s family.  My own family has lived six eneations in Pike County, Kentucky.  Yet, I have met Justices from Kansas and even Texas.  Once, Carol and I were at a festival, and we were preregistered, so we gave our names, and the woman said,”But I have already seated you.”  Obviously, there was another Justice up where we were seated.  I found him.  He looked every bit like you would expect a Texan to look like.

The history of migration interests me.  I know that somemigration was forced upon some   such as the dust bowl period during the ’30’s, or like the moving of the Cherokee tribes to Oklahoma, or the migration of workers from the South to the North for job opportunities.

My father was a minister, and like the Apostle Paul, he set out to build new congregations..  So my life was spent moving.  I   envied people who had lived their entire lives in one community.  So, when Carol and I were married, we moved to Valparaiso, Indiana, and when I graduated Purdue, she wanted to come back to Kansas.  So, I reasoned, one place is as good as another, and so we moved, and we have yet to move.  I have lived here for over 30 years, and only now is it sort of like home.


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