MA Democratic Convention (and beyond)


MA Democratic Convention 2014



If you are a Progressive in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt, a Liberal Democrat who honors Franklin Roosevelt, or a Bleeding Heart Liberal, or even a Socialist Democrat the Democratic Convention that took place this past weekend in Worcester MA was possibly a bellwether of a renewed ascendancy for the Liberal and Progressive movements.

On the opening night alone the speakers were all significant persons for the Progressive fight to retake America. Take it back from the people in both parties and in the Tea Party movement in particular that believe America can no longer afford to invest in itself. An America that has come to believe punishment solves all problems. These are the ideas of the Middle Ages when all power and wealth belonged to the princes. Back then, princes were defined by the land they owned, today it is by the industry the run.

On Friday night, the speakers were, Rep. Jim McGovern, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Gov. Deval Patrick, and Sen. Ed Markey. The following morning at the AFL-CIO breakfast we heard from Sen. Markey, Former State Sen. Warren Tolman and his brother, MA president of the AFL-CIO, Stephan Tolman, Dr. Don Berwick and many others.

The convention itself was a long drawn out affair, but almost all the candidates for the 4 offices up for nomination spent much of their time making sure everyone understood that they were not just Democrats, but Progressive Democrats. In the end, those did not try or were obviously insincere about being a Progressive failed to get on the ballot. Except for one, who is on the ballot and she took the biggest beating of them all.

The candidate that will be on the ballot, but must be considered the biggest loser, was current Attorney General Martha Coakley. If you are not familiar with her, she was the person that lost Scott Brown. Now, she is running for Governor leading in some poll by 35% over State Treasurer Steve Grossman. He is another longtime MA politician, but his Liberal credentials have never been questioned. In fact, initially, he was the candidate I supported. But then I started checking into Dr. Don Berwick, former head of Medicare under President Obama; and I discovered a candidate that more closely aligned with me on taxes, Single payer support, education issues, and the list goes on. At the end, when they finally counted the votes (4 hours to count 1 ballot!) Grossman beat Coakley by over 10%. But Berwick was only 1 percent behind her. The other two races that I really cared about Attorney General and Treasurer came out for the more Progressive candidates, Tolman and Deb Goldberg, respectively.

The people that are taking part in the Democratic Party in MA are truly the Left Wing of the Democratic Party. I believe this may be a harbinger of the future.

The first shots, the first confrontation and the first actual battle of the American Revolution all took place in MA; Boston, Salem and Lexington respectively. The Abolitionist movement  grew in strength on the streets of Boston, the first woman Cabinet Member came from Worcester, the right to marry the person you love was established first in MA.  Things start in MA. Hopefully, this Conventions results are the start of a return to People First, and Nothing Else Second.


3 thoughts on “MA Democratic Convention (and beyond)

    1. Vern, change has to start somewhere. Just as Marriage equality started in MA from a MA Supreme Court ruling while Romney was Governor, and in a weird similar vein Cantor got tossed by a an incompetent economist, the near tie by Dr. Berwick and AG Martha Coakley is possibly a landmark event. Both Cantor and Coakley demonstrate that people are dissatisfied with the status quo. The difference between MA and VA, is that Berwick has proven record in government and Brat has proven record of being wrong in his field of economics. It may not take place all at once, but change is in the air and the Progressive movement is part of that change.


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