Why Hilary should not be President or even try to be President

1.  She has been wrong on many points…She was wrong about going into Iraq.  She was not the only one, but she is the one running for President.

2.  She was wrong about Benghazi, although not the only one, but she was part of that mess.  

3.  When running for President the first time, she misread the public’s mind.  She thought the American people wanted someone who had lived with a President, rather than for calling for change as did Obama.  Too bad, Obama did not change enough, although some of his changes have been  good; allowing kids to stay on their parents’ health  plan for, expanding health coverage, although  hhe did no go  far enough in my opinion .

4.  She is emotionally insecure.  Benghazi shook her., Caused her to resign as Secretary of State.  She cannot take pressure.Whoever becomes President needs to have good insulation, she doesn’t.

5.  She is Bill Clinton’s wife.  Bill Clinton opened the door to Capitalist beasts all over the world by signing into NAFTA.  This allowed factories to go overseas.  America suffered in one fell swoop of a pen. when he signed this agreement..  She, if she had any savvy at all should have prevented him from signing this bill.  She did not.

6.  I don’t see that she has an agenda.  Unlike Obama who did have an idea before running, She has no real agenda.  I am reminded of Ted Kennedy when he tried to  run for President.  One question killed his chances;”What makes you think you are what the Country needs?”  He could not answer that question.  I don’t think Hillary could either.

There are my reasons for not wanting Hilary to run for President.  Oh, one last thought, 7.  She divides rather than unifies.  She is loved or hated, and she divides the vote.  She divides the vote between men and women.  I don’t dislike her for being a woman, but she uses her sex as a weapon.


One thought on “Why Hilary should not be President or even try to be President

  1. Vernon, I absolutely do not want Hillary in 2016. In fact, I don’t want her to run ever again. But I am not quite sure I follow all your reasons. Remember, that has not publicly decided whether or not she will run, so I do have a really hard time discussing her as a de facto candidate.
    Anyways, what I really find hard about your critique is that you say she was wrong on BenGhazi? How is that?
    Her resignation had nothing to do with BenGhazi; she had said all along that she was only staying 1 term.

    Again, I am not a Hillary fan, mainly because as you call out, she has not indicated anything she would do different than Bill. But I would not assign her any blame for BenGhazi. There are plenty of other positions and actions she advocated that I have a bigger problem with.


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