The talented are different from us

A roommate of my wife in college had to write a funny ditty for a Sorority she wanted to join.  She did not do it and went to bed.  In the middle of the night , she woke up laughing, wrote out the ditty and went back to sleep.  Stephen King goes to a Hotel in Estes Park, and writes “The Shinning”.  Henson is on a program and gets an inspiration for Kermit The Frog, leaves a sketch of his frog on a wall, and leaves to create his Muppet.  Creative people just see things differently than we do.

I am in awe of these people.  It is as if God has granted them a special talent.  There are those who have had to .work on their talent.. Steve Martin admits that he did not have any talent when he started in show biz.  His stand up act was horrible, but now he has defined himself and is now very funny.  In  his biography he admits this, which I have  to give him credit for admitting.. He started out at Knots Berry Farm playing the banjo, he still does.  There is another monologist Tom Boudet,” I’ll leave the light on for you ,” for Motel 6 .  He is an artist in the making.  I don’t believe he has made it yet, but I think given time, he will.   He has the folksy attitude that I like.

Now males who paint, see the world differently.  I am reminded of Monet’s Lily Pond..  He kept painting the same pond, but as his eyesight worsened, so did the distortion of his  work.  Men, I am generalizing here, see the world through their sexual desires.  Les Chaney took his grandchildren to view the art hung at the Chicago Art Institution.  He asked each Grand child what they saw, Each came u[p with different suggestions.  Les,,a master artist, told them.,” You see Sex.”  He was not talking about the nudes of Rubens, but all art reflects the attitude of sex.  From the painting of The girl with the Pearl Earring, there is something  there, something which makes you wonder why the artist chose her, and that ear ring in particular. Vermeer made the pearl the center of his work. Was there a story behind that piece of jewelry?..We can only speculate seeing how long ago this painting was made.  Andrew Wyeth’s Helga.  He admitted that he had to get “involved” with his models, that he had to be enamored, smitten” from Wikipedia on Andrew Wyeth’s painting of Helga. Picasso saw sex in all of his paintings.  Some are disguised, but the sexual energy is still there.  Yes, Artists are different from you and me.


One thought on “The talented are different from us

  1. Vernon, interesting post. I am curious as to why you think that creative persons are different in any truly distinct way. Can we pick them out at a young age so their talent can be nurtured? I believe we all are multitalented and just need an opportunity to discover those talents. In many ways, not only the US education system but also most of the world’s education systems concentrate way too much effort in training instead of educating and expanding the capabilities of individuals. But I digress from the creative process. Writers all vary in their style and content of the results, But the creative process also varies tremendously from writer to writer. For example, Connie Willis; a British woman who has written a number of books. many of them revolving around time travel into the past. Her research is amazing, it is quite obvious that she spent a long time getting every detail correct. The results are amazing, from the Domesday Book, the saddest book I have ever read to To Say Nothing of the Dog, a hilarious follow up to the sad book. But in both books, the detail is amazing. John Steinbeck wrote stories about people and places he knew. He even appears as a young boy in East of Eden as a very minor character. many critics claimed he was just a transcriber, but his writing talent shone through and the people and places (and Charley!) he wrote about become real to millions. I could go on and on, but these were two people that luck had bestowed on them an opportunity and an education that allowed them to write.
    I am also at a loss to understand why you believe that most men paint metaphors for sex. I just saw an exhibit of John Turner’s seascapes at the Peabody-Essex museum. his earlier painting especially grabbed me, and I could see a whole story line right inside the painting, later his impressionistic style became too abstract for my tastes, but my wife enjoyed those as well. last year the same museum had photography exhibits, especially one about Man Ray and his lover, Lee Miller. Every photo was oozing sex, especially the ones of Lee Miller who at the time was considered one of the most beautiful woman in the world. I know you were talking in generalities, as Siggy Frued said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Anyways, an interesting point of view.


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