I hope you have been following the links I have posted in ETC

I first read this book in 1991,” America :What went Wrong,”  and things have continued to deteriorate.  Corporations have deemed to be individuals with Freedom of Speech., Corporations are buying one another up so fast that you need a score card to keep up.  More and more of the burden of running this government is being pushed off on those who can least afford it.  The Supreme Court throws an election.  We go to war against the wrong country.  In essence, we blow up Iraq and wonder what went wrong.  The Neo-Cons did not get the oil, but they keep trying, and it is your sons and daughters they use like you would a paper  towel,very disposable.  Then, they abandon the men they have abused by not keeping faith with the VA.

They rig the stock market, they make it collapse.  Is there no end to what these bastards will do?  They ruin the housing market, .Banks are brought to their knees, Automotive too, and all of those factors in manufacturing.  They pollute the gulf of Mexico, creating a mess that may never be repaored, while putting smiling faces on ads saying everything is fine,and how much they care for the planet.  It is enough to make you throw up!

I  would call for a revolution at the voting booth, but hey, they got that one too!  It is now important that you are really who you say you are, so you need to bring ID.  We would not want some foreigner coming i  and spoiling the vote now would we.  When they have discounted thousands from voting by telling the wrong day for the election.

Used to be, you did not need a passport to go to Mexico, or Canada, but they have thought of that as well!..  Now the phrase,”Do you have your papers?” brings terror to mind.  


One thought on “I hope you have been following the links I have posted in ETC

  1. Corporations have been building up their claim to personhood since the 1870’s. Thom Hartmann wrote a great book on the subject of the history and effects of this legal, in my opinion a canard, called ‘Unequal Protection’. In it, he outlines the first Supreme Court Case that first put the idea of Corporate Personhood into the minds of Americans. But it was not the ruling itself that introduced the concept. It was the introduction written by a clerk, which has no legal meaning. Informative, easy read.


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