Predatory Capitalism

A predator goes after smaller , and usually defenseless creatures.   Antelope graze with their ears  tuned to the sounds of lions, and  other animals who would like to have them for their dinner.  Being wary, and quick are their only defense, and usually the slower, older members of the herd are quickly removed from the herd.

Predatory Capitalism works the same way.  The Capitalist will seek out something it wants; oil, minerals, other natural resources, and then in a ploy they will attack that country, and take what it wants, leaving that nation much worse off than when they found it.  And they will not care one whit about what they had to do to get it either.  Therefore the Predator Capitalist has no loyalty to any country.  They will use every means at their disposal, but they could care less about national pride.  I get so angry when I see politicians who are predator capitalist wrap themselves in the flag, and pretend to care about its soldiers, or environment.  Pat Roberts, Republican from Kansas, is running again for the Senate.  In his latest ad,  he wears his old Army uniform., and is seen saluting the flag.  He could care less for he is a liar, and has abused Veterans his entire career.  He is heard muttering;”We need a soldier.

The Kotch Brothers, those billionaires  want to pollute the earth, and kill true Democracy.    They hide, they do not want to be seen, so they hide behind surrogates.  Brownback, Walker are two examples of their henchmen   They cut regulations which protect us in the herd.  They are vile people..They care little if your sons or daughters are killed going after what they want.  They could care less if water is so polluted that life on earth will fail, they could care less if you cannot earn a living, they will do well.  They have already shipped manufacturing overseas.  Working poor, uneducated brown and yellow  people are worked  death..  Look beyond our borers to Mexico, they have ruined everything South of the border.NAFTA killed farming  for the Mexican.  It now costs more to plant a crop;, making it  impossible to sell and live.

Here, predator Capitalist are trying to cut regulations which protect us; They would love to do away with the EPA, they would love to deregulate all business regulations..  Hell, they pay few taxes as is.  They shift the tax burden onto the worker..They are truely vile people!

My friend, he is so wrong, said that Obama was the obstructionists.  Was it Obama who shut down the government, was it Obama who refused to talk to these clowns?  No, they shut him out, refused to work with him on every turn, and the big lie is that Obama is the obstructionists!  But that goes without saying, they are liars!  They are unpatriotic, and they are out to kill you and me.


One thought on “Predatory Capitalism

  1. Capitalism is a predatory economic system. The first person to document and explain capitalism, Adam Smith, recognized this weakness and called out for people to take precautions. One could call Capitalism an economic elixir. It can prevent many economic pitfalls and enhance life for everyone that participates within the Capitalist system. But it also has a natural tendency to exclude those who happen to not succeed. It doesn’t have any moral center to it so Capitalism become an engine for advancement, but not necessarily for the good. Over time left to its owndevices, Capitalism will start to devour competition, the natural brake to Capitalism’s excesses. Even worse, left unchecked it will evolve into Fascism.


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