Laying down the Fundamentals of government.

I feel almost like the Apostle Paul as he had to reintroduce the basics of Christianity. Don’t worry, I am not going to do that,instead, I want to talk about government regulations, and how as far back as Locke, it was determined that regulations had to be implemented in government so that it works. It was John Locke who set this principle down. The idea is that the few cannot over ride the the majority. For instance, blowing the tops off of mountains is not a good thing to get to a coal seam. If you do, you must not leave a mess below to pollute water streams and the like, but the coal companies do not clean up their messes. Although there are regulations in place, they seem to ignore them.
In fact, corporations try to do anything to avoid regulations. They claim that it is too expensive, or too difficult to follow, bull !
The same goes for pollution, they could care less.
Capitalism has to be reigned in. Especially, Predatory Capitalism, who goes from region to region, destroying ecosystems, and then leaving a mess behind. Leaving it to others to clean up their messes. For instance the gulf oil spills, or the pipe line in Alaska, and then wanting to go other places to destroy the earth.
A few years back, I was listening to a local talk show, and a caller reported that the CIA, and corporations were creating havoc in Latin America. At the time, this was during the Reagan Administration, I thought this was wrong, said so, but now, I know he was telling the truth. Corporations were there to steal natural resources. And, naturally, they did not care who they had to kill to get to it.


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