The Michael Brown Case in East St. Louis

This incident , a policeman killing an unarmed black man, has me conflicted. On the one hand, the cop no doubt feared for his life. Here he had woundwd this guy with shots which would have stopped most. In fact, most of his wounds were not life threatening, only the last shot was. We know that the kid was facing the cop, some say charging at him. This kid was big. So, I have no doubt that the cop was afraid for his own safety. Even if the THC in his system was not the reason for his behaviour, surely adrenaline was enough to keep him going. We have evidence in the robbery of the store that Brown was a bully. So, the cop , although he was not aware of the robbery could only attest to what he saw as a real threat to his safety.

The reaction of the community in my opinion was way out of line. Was it locals who began the arson and looting? I don’t know, we probably will never know. However, outsiders did come in, and start real violence within the community. This cannot be justified. To coin a phrase; Two Wrongs don’t make a right.

Cops are a needed commodity. If you are going to have laws, and keep order, you need the police. They are a paramilitary group, and are necessary to keep order. However, in choosing law enforcement, sometimes the baser elements are selected. I recall as a kid, I was bullied by another kid. Years later, I discovered that he had become a cop.

At the core of this problem is the issue of Civil liberties. We have the right to protest, we have the right to petition, we have the right to be secure in our neighborhood. Brown was a menace to society, and was not worth the bother of all this chaos. He probably would have ended up killed some other place, in some other manner, it just so happened to occur on the streets of Ferguson.


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