Tomorrow is voting Day

When I lived in Indiana, I used to compare my voting to being a George Custer soldier at the battle of the Little Big Horn. I lost every battle; we were out gunned in every election. Now that I have lived in Kansas, another Red State, I am used to loosing. This year, the Mid-terms are the biggies. I have wanted Rberts out of the Senate for over 30 years, and tomorrow, I hope to nail his ass out of the State and back to Virginia where he belongs. The odds are high that he still may retain his seat. Orman is going to have to prove to me, that he is fair minded, ad really above partisan politics. The Star has recommended him as a candidate, and I sill be votiong for himn. If elected Grefg, You will be hearing crom me.

As for Governor, I do think Brownback has had it. He is puttinfg the shhip of State on the Rocks. Paul Davis will not be a flaming Liberal, but he will do nicely. aS FOR THE LEGISLATURE, hEAVEN HELP US. They are so far out that they need a key to get back into reality.

Chris Koback needs to be sent packing. He is an embarrassment to the State of Kansas. He has spent four long years trying to make it imossible for peop;e to vote.

So, tomorrow, I gird my loins, enter the voting booth ans pray that my peop;e win. Vote tomorrow, your life depends on it!


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