Random Thoughts

Maine, March 2010
Maine, March 2010



It has been a while since I have posted a blog and a lot has happened.  First we get that horror show called an election. Does anyone think that it was almost entirely the fault of the Democrats? I do. Then there is the all of a sudden every week reporting of another white cop on black citizen’s beating or killing. Do you think this is new? I don’t. I think it is just now finally being reported. What else has happened? Oh yeah, President Obama relaxed the effort somewhat on rounding up every single undocumented person in the US. Actually providing them with work permits, collecting taxes from them, and even allowing them to learn the rules of driving in the US.  Good stuff, we save millions of dollars chasing after people that just want to work, and even collect more taxes from them than we do now. I think it was too little, but it is way more than we had a few months ago? And most people agree. But then, not all is good on the President Obama front, is it? There was that silly budget continuing resolution that included a bunch of bad policy initiatives, mostly planted by Republicans with just enough blue dog Democrat and Presidential support to get through both houses.

Finally, the President redeemed that act of playing Corporate favorites by opening up relations to China. Reversing policies that have been in place since Eisenhower and then Kennedy. Let the vacation deals begin!

For a blog called OpionatedWriters, this entry is short on Opinion. If you are new to this blog and my entries in particular, that will change.  And if anyone was a fan of the excruciatingly long  Time Traveling  for Jobs series, be assured that will be completed. I have delegated that task to Einstein and he is diligently at work on it, but his handicap does slow him down considerably, along with the language barrier.


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