What? You say the Republicans walked all over the Democrats in November?

Ropes Garden, Salem MA July 2014
Ropes Garden, Salem MA July 2014



Apparently the Democrats did the impossible. They got their asses kicked from sea to shining sea, and that shine wasn’t from the sun reflecting off the pristine waters of the Atlantic and Pacific.  The shine comes from oil slicks. Yecch.  The Democratic loss this year was like being up 3 games to none in a 7 game series. In baseball, arguably America’s sport, a comeback from 3 down had never happened. Never. All sports fans, but especially fans of the greatest and most famous sports rivalry, the Red Sox and the Yankees, know exactly what happened in 2004. The impossible happened.

Let’s look at the political advantages the Democrats had available and yet for some inexplicable reason they did not even put their advantages into the game. At least the Yankees did not bench their best when they were up 3 – 0 in the series. The first advantage Democrats had was that the economy was improving. Instead of boasting about it repeatedly the Democrats paid homage to the Republican myth of too much spending and the debt is too high. At the same time, the Decrats gave lip service to income inequality but never proposed anything about how and why we should fix it. And even less was said by the Democrats to connect the debt myth to inequality. Of course they did not say anything, about the debt myth since they had already agreed to play under Republican definitions of how an economy operates. because of all that the Democrats went to bat with 1 strike against them in nearly every debate election contest. And all they had to do was insist on explaining how fixing income inequality would improve the economic position of every person, and then tell them what they will do.

They allowed the Republican Party to denigrate the President of the United States, simply because he is a Democrat.  I did not hear of a single Democrat responding to a Republican taunt that the Democrat just voted along with President Obama and so were effectively equivalent to the President. They should have came back strong with a retort along the lines of “Of course I voted for policies favored by the President. He and I are both Democrats, we are going to agree on a whole lot more than you and I are going to agree on. By the way, can you describe the Jobs plan you have?”  Instead, many Democrats folded into a fetal position and whispered, but you belong to the Tea Party.  Whether the Republican was a Tea Party supporter the voters that are watching the debates or following the coverage are likely voters that have not already decided. Since running from their own party is essentially the same as an abdication, the Democrats now came out of each debate with two strikes against them.

Then it came down to the last few weeks before the election. Surely by then the Democratic Party as a whole must have realized just how much trouble they were in. If you follow politics, it’s just like the Republicans hit a grand slam in the early innings, somewhat like a goofy Red Sox centerfielder, who was also a heck of an exciting player. This is because the Democrats never told a cohesive story about the Republicans. One that emphasized that the Republicans shut down the government as a plot to abolish the ACA because the Republicans were unable to do it legislatively, the way the system was designed. Democrats did not make a simple case that every time John Boehner or any other Republican asks rhetorically, ‘where are the jobs, Mr. President’; the American people should be asking Boehner that as the Speaker of the House, it his responsibility to get legislation proposed. And with Republican taunt, the Democrats could list job proposals, action on immigration, plans to address income inequality, and critical ideas and solutions on what the US can do to limit the impact of Climate disruption on the future of America, and the entire world.

But, the Democrats stood there as a group, hoping that each candidate would solve their own campaign. And without a cohesive plan nearly every Democratic candidate just stood there and took strike 3 called.

People did not vote for any Republican agenda as the Republicans and the media claim. How could people choose an agenda that consists of only repeal measures and no positive message, other than you hate the President.  People keep blaming the large number of Democrats that did not vote. Tell me, if you were an undecided voter, why on earth would you vote for a Democrat? They told you nothing about what they stand for, what they would do to make life better for most people. They walked into this 2014 election cycle aware that the Republican ineptitude on actually articulating a policy was non existent. Instead of putting together all the good things that Democrats want to do, the Democrats took a 3 – 0 series lead and did nothing to get that 4th game.




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