Tis the Season,

Originally Posted 12/21/2013 by Vernon Justice



I sent my Brother-in-Law a few years back a book by Al Franken.  The title of the book was ‘Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot”.  Well, I sort of fired the first shot over his bow, and every Christmas I get Neo-con books.  My fault, but it does help keep the logs burning in Winter in my fire  place.  Recently, I posted several incidents where what was reported as news wasn’t exactly News.  CBS reported a story about the attack on our embassy , which was totally bogus.  Hillary Clinton got blamed too an d of course, the President, who did nothing wrong.  But the Right Wing, foaming at the mouth Radical Republicans, ran with this false story.

Now, we who are Progressive, are not perfect, but we sure as Hell don’t shut down government over a non-issue as raising the National Debt.  Hell, even Reagan did this.  And, as Obama pointed out, this is money we have already spent.  Neo-Cons are such idiots.  They want to cut food stamps, health care, while they enjoy all the perks they would deny.  It is timwe to take back what is ours.


One thought on “Tis the Season,

  1. I have found that whenever you get into any discussion with a Right Wing Fascist and they have no response their SOP is to shout out the magic incantation; BEN GHAZI! As if that incident proves everything you are saying as a Progressive Liberal is false, and not only that. You know it.


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