Yin, Yang, Trump -Yesterday & Today

I wrote this as a facebook post back in May of 2016.


I believe very much in the ubiquitousness of the yin yang. Everything or anything can be good, anything or everything can be bad. It is a universal balance that pops up in whatever we do, as individuals, as families, and as a community. Sometimes the yin yang appear separately, but even then they are joined. Most often we only notice the yin yang during times of change, when the yin and the yang both split into a new yin yang pair, and perhaps there are other yin yang units that split.

That is what is happening in both of our political parties. For years now the Republican Party has been the Yin to the Democrats Yang. But the Republican party long ago split into a Tea Party Yin and a an establishment Republican Yang. Still, they maintained their unity as the Democratic Party kept balance and the Republican Yang became powerless. But, this year, the Democratic Party, inspired by Senator Sanders also split. The establishment Democrats has become the Democratic Yin, and the Sanders inspired anti establishment Democrats became their Yang.

Many persons may not agree with my assessment of which group is Yin and which is Yang, that’s not my point.

The agonizing conundrum is that all good people want to identify with the Yang, so suddenly the choice of a Presidential candidate to back is no longer based on entirely the old choices. The old choice was to back the candidate chosen by the party you most identified with. But now the lines are blurred. We are being asked to pick between 2 or 3 candidates that still are being identified as the same old. For Democrats, where there are presently 2 candidates each one representing a Yin or a Yang, the choice is impossible to make. The Republicans have chosen only a Yin candidate, arising from the worst of the Yin Republican Party. That means that the establishment Yang Republicans are up for grabs. Do they attach themselves to the Yang Democrat, Sanders; or the establishment Yin Democrat, Clinton. Of course, the Yang Republicans are hoping that they can somehow create an establishment Republican to run, but that seems unlikely.

So to me, the choice is always to go with the candidate that has chosen the same Yang I have chosen, that would be Sanders. I also will never choose anyone that has chosen Yin, and that would be Clinton or Trump. I know with the Sanders choice I risk a Yin borne from the Yin Republicans, but with that Yin must be a Yang corresponding in power, so that risk is worth the greater outcome.

Sometimes, just renovating the house is not enough, sometimes you gotta tear it down and start all over. Perhaps, we can just end up gutting the house and save the frame and the foundation.


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