Resistance means we already lost – Win instead



There are some very serious problems with the “Resistance”.  There are millions that join and protest, but there are thousands of louder, more persistent voices that denigrate the so-called “Resistance” because they disagree with the founders of the movement.  People that financed and made speeches at the kick-off event; The Million Women March. Remember, Planned Parenthood was begun by a racist. I, do have doubts about the movement known as the “Resistance” but that due to the implications of it’s name.

The word “Resistance” politically reminds me mostly of the French Resistance during WWII. I’m sure the founders of today’s movement are well aware of the connection. But the word also connotes that your side has lost as in the case of France; Germany had conquered France.  We, here in America have not lost. Sure, the chaos of the new administration and its disregard for studied decisions and actions, along with the longstanding Republican Conservatives disregard for acknowledging that immoral and amoral choices eventually leads to negative results.  Democrats have also long surrendered their claim to morality as well. The reason we have not lost, is that we still have the ballot box. Yes, it has been corrupted by both Democrats and Republicans. The process for candidates to gain access to even appear on a ballot is fraught with hoops and gotcha’s, then to gain traction among the voting public (only 60% of possible voters!!) has even more hurdles. But, in spite of the problems of ballot access for candidates, there is also the issues of access to voters to exercise their right to vote. Nonetheless, while voting is not an accurate representation of the government that the American public desires and needs, all the effort undertaken to control the vote shows that voting does indeed count.

For over a half century most polling shows that more Liberal policies (FDR Liberals) are more popular and war is not tolerated when it lasts more than a year or two. And yet, the only longstanding political party to ascribe to both of these positions is the Green party And both Democrats and Republicans eschew FDR Democratic Socialism and Carter’s anti-war stand. But, should the citizenry actually demand that their Congressional Representatives and Senators support Progressive policies of Morality, Democratic Socialism, and Peace First then they will respond. Slowly, at first; especially among Republicans that make no pretense of adhering to the Progressive principles I outlined, but they still fear the ballot.  Why have so many Democrats abandoned their principles and allowed Republican style legislation like Obamacare? They fear a more Liberal approach to healthcare would damage their chances of winning reelection. This mindset, while not reflected in polls of the public, is repeated to them over and over by the media.

We don’t need to resist as much as we need to enlist as much help as possible in pushing a Progressive agenda. That means not just non Progressive legislators, but everyday people as well. Because someone still supports Hillary, don’t antagonize, just ask for their support. Antagonizing potential allies whose main difference boils down to their believing that Progressive goals are unattainable is just weakening the likelihood of proving them wrong. Last of all, every time you contact a legislator, it is implied that their getting your vote in the next election is based on how they respond to your input. And voting still matters. Show up for demonstrations, proclaim your disagreement with current policy, but endorse real change; be not only for change, be explicit what you want changed and how it will work.


Progressives = Morality, Democratic Socialism, and Peace


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