Trump’s removal from office will not come from Congress or the VP.
It can only happen if we demand Trump be removed.


I am going to be blunt, very blunt. Donald Trump must be impeached, or removed from office since he is unable to capably perform the job of President of the United States. This removal must come from the American electorate waking up to the realization that the CIA manipulations about Russia are not happening to remove Trump, but instead to prove to him that he must comply and take a hard stand against Russia. What is being called the deep state is rumored to be behind this. I don’t think the deep state has the single mindedness to pull that off. Instead its an operation being run by the long state. The outline of US foreign and domestic policy that continues to operate in the same mode of a continuous Cold War, with some Warm Wars to give us false heroes, and a whole lot of distractions.

So why is it so important to remove Donald Trump? First, he is truly not capable of performing the job. Second, he most certainly has committed various acts worthy of impeachment, but nearly every President has; especially since the inception of the Cold War. Third, the American people have already lost confidence that their vote counts, their complaints listened to, or their needs met. And that is the most important reason Trump must be removed. Removing Trump must come not from some Congressional inquiry, or a CIA manufactured smoking gun, it must come from the American people. Demanding government accountability and pushing the government to act in ways to benefit the needs of every American, reacting to public demands openly and honestly, and lining up at the polls on election day in numbers unheard of in the last 60 years. And Trump has unleashed, inadvertently, the outrage to make that happen. And to ensure it carries forward into the 2018 elections, the people have to demand a change in leadership. People are outraged that America has become the most xenophobic nation on Earth. Promises made by candidate Trump are being rolled back, the swamp was drained of the alligators only to be replaced by bigger meaner alligators, there has been no action on creating American jobs, the press is being ridiculed, secret meetings take place lowering the confidence that Mr. Trump is acting fully on the behalf of all Americans, health care replacement is nothing more than a tax giveaway to the rich while exhuming and attaching to it every bad Republican health care idea. I can go on to include discussion regarding his mental state, lack of attention to any detail, his entire administration’s obtuseness on implementing or even talking about any remedy to climate disruption and of course The Wall. I am not saying that policy wise he is any worse than his predecessors, but they were all politically savvy enough to add the poison slowly so we wouldn’t recognize how we were all being sold out to the oligarchy. I am saying that enough American people that can now see what has been happening because Trump chooses to do it in front of everyone, are ready to demand an end. With Trump we can all taste the poison and the opportunity to (re?)gain control of our government, our foreign policy, and our economy can be jump started by The People demanding that Donald Trump be removed from office.

The false hope being spread that he will be caught up in some Russian scandal, is just that. False hope. The long state needs a useful fool, too many people are beginning to catch on. The hard part is to help the people who found comfort in voting for Trump as a means to influence change that for change to happen, he has to go. And the same goes for those still loyal to the Democratic establishment, they have to give up their reliance on the Russia story giving them what they want.



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  2. I totally agree trump must be removed from office of the president of the United States as soon as possible

    We need a leader who respects our constitution and our government as a whole as well as the people of our great nation..


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