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Originally Posted 12/21/2013 by Vernon Justice



I sent my Brother-in-Law a few years back a book by Al Franken.  The title of the book was ‘Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot”.  Well, I sort of fired the first shot over his bow, and every Christmas I get Neo-con books.  My fault, but it does help keep the logs burning in Winter in my fire  place.  Recently, I posted several incidents where what was reported as news wasn’t exactly News.  CBS reported a story about the attack on our embassy , which was totally bogus.  Hillary Clinton got blamed too an d of course, the President, who did nothing wrong.  But the Right Wing, foaming at the mouth Radical Republicans, ran with this false story.

Now, we who are Progressive, are not perfect, but we sure as Hell don’t shut down government over a non-issue as raising the National Debt.  Hell, even Reagan did this.  And, as Obama pointed out, this is money we have already spent.  Neo-Cons are such idiots.  They want to cut food stamps, health care, while they enjoy all the perks they would deny.  It is timwe to take back what is ours.


EPA Lead Plant shutdown








The EPA shut down a lead plant, and people assumed that Obama wants to take people’s guns away by limiting ammunition.  When in truth the EPA shut down the lead processing plant because it was creating AN ENVIRONMENTAL mess.   Those who make bullets have other sources, such as lead from old batteries.



Vernon Justice  Originally posted December 2013

Tomorrow is voting Day

When I lived in Indiana, I used to compare my voting to being a George Custer soldier at the battle of the Little Big Horn. I lost every battle; we were out gunned in every election. Now that I have lived in Kansas, another Red State, I am used to loosing. This year, the Mid-terms are the biggies. I have wanted Rberts out of the Senate for over 30 years, and tomorrow, I hope to nail his ass out of the State and back to Virginia where he belongs. The odds are high that he still may retain his seat. Orman is going to have to prove to me, that he is fair minded, ad really above partisan politics. The Star has recommended him as a candidate, and I sill be votiong for himn. If elected Grefg, You will be hearing crom me.

As for Governor, I do think Brownback has had it. He is puttinfg the shhip of State on the Rocks. Paul Davis will not be a flaming Liberal, but he will do nicely. aS FOR THE LEGISLATURE, hEAVEN HELP US. They are so far out that they need a key to get back into reality.

Chris Koback needs to be sent packing. He is an embarrassment to the State of Kansas. He has spent four long years trying to make it imossible for peop;e to vote.

So, tomorrow, I gird my loins, enter the voting booth ans pray that my peop;e win. Vote tomorrow, your life depends on it!

Cyber Space

There has recently been Cyber space invasions on Google. I don’t see how changing a password would make this site any more secure than it was before the security of the first was breached. After all, after someone broke in once there is no reason to believe that it couldn’t be breached again.

As I was explaining to Pete , I too have nothing to protect. But, what could they do in my name? That is what concerns me. That is why I am withdrawing from Google. As I have said, I still can be found on Face Book, letters are welcome , but no e-mails.

The Michael Brown Case in East St. Louis

This incident , a policeman killing an unarmed black man, has me conflicted. On the one hand, the cop no doubt feared for his life. Here he had woundwd this guy with shots which would have stopped most. In fact, most of his wounds were not life threatening, only the last shot was. We know that the kid was facing the cop, some say charging at him. This kid was big. So, I have no doubt that the cop was afraid for his own safety. Even if the THC in his system was not the reason for his behaviour, surely adrenaline was enough to keep him going. We have evidence in the robbery of the store that Brown was a bully. So, the cop , although he was not aware of the robbery could only attest to what he saw as a real threat to his safety.

The reaction of the community in my opinion was way out of line. Was it locals who began the arson and looting? I don’t know, we probably will never know. However, outsiders did come in, and start real violence within the community. This cannot be justified. To coin a phrase; Two Wrongs don’t make a right.

Cops are a needed commodity. If you are going to have laws, and keep order, you need the police. They are a paramilitary group, and are necessary to keep order. However, in choosing law enforcement, sometimes the baser elements are selected. I recall as a kid, I was bullied by another kid. Years later, I discovered that he had become a cop.

At the core of this problem is the issue of Civil liberties. We have the right to protest, we have the right to petition, we have the right to be secure in our neighborhood. Brown was a menace to society, and was not worth the bother of all this chaos. He probably would have ended up killed some other place, in some other manner, it just so happened to occur on the streets of Ferguson.

Laying down the Fundamentals of government.

I feel almost like the Apostle Paul as he had to reintroduce the basics of Christianity. Don’t worry, I am not going to do that,instead, I want to talk about government regulations, and how as far back as Locke, it was determined that regulations had to be implemented in government so that it works. It was John Locke who set this principle down. The idea is that the few cannot over ride the the majority. For instance, blowing the tops off of mountains is not a good thing to get to a coal seam. If you do, you must not leave a mess below to pollute water streams and the like, but the coal companies do not clean up their messes. Although there are regulations in place, they seem to ignore them.
In fact, corporations try to do anything to avoid regulations. They claim that it is too expensive, or too difficult to follow, bull !
The same goes for pollution, they could care less.
Capitalism has to be reigned in. Especially, Predatory Capitalism, who goes from region to region, destroying ecosystems, and then leaving a mess behind. Leaving it to others to clean up their messes. For instance the gulf oil spills, or the pipe line in Alaska, and then wanting to go other places to destroy the earth.
A few years back, I was listening to a local talk show, and a caller reported that the CIA, and corporations were creating havoc in Latin America. At the time, this was during the Reagan Administration, I thought this was wrong, said so, but now, I know he was telling the truth. Corporations were there to steal natural resources. And, naturally, they did not care who they had to kill to get to it.

I hope you have been following the links I have posted in ETC

I first read this book in 1991,” America :What went Wrong,”  and things have continued to deteriorate.  Corporations have deemed to be individuals with Freedom of Speech., Corporations are buying one another up so fast that you need a score card to keep up.  More and more of the burden of running this government is being pushed off on those who can least afford it.  The Supreme Court throws an election.  We go to war against the wrong country.  In essence, we blow up Iraq and wonder what went wrong.  The Neo-Cons did not get the oil, but they keep trying, and it is your sons and daughters they use like you would a paper  towel,very disposable.  Then, they abandon the men they have abused by not keeping faith with the VA.

They rig the stock market, they make it collapse.  Is there no end to what these bastards will do?  They ruin the housing market, .Banks are brought to their knees, Automotive too, and all of those factors in manufacturing.  They pollute the gulf of Mexico, creating a mess that may never be repaored, while putting smiling faces on ads saying everything is fine,and how much they care for the planet.  It is enough to make you throw up!

I  would call for a revolution at the voting booth, but hey, they got that one too!  It is now important that you are really who you say you are, so you need to bring ID.  We would not want some foreigner coming i  and spoiling the vote now would we.  When they have discounted thousands from voting by telling the wrong day for the election.

Used to be, you did not need a passport to go to Mexico, or Canada, but they have thought of that as well!..  Now the phrase,”Do you have your papers?” brings terror to mind.