What if they gave a riot and no one showed?

I reject outright the idea that every single Republican politician knows or understands that their agenda is immoral, just as I reject the idea that the Democrats understand the consequences of implementing more failed neo-liberal economic strategies are perilous. No matter where those policies are implemented. A reason given for rejecting the idea that the government and the media are conspiring, each for their own reasons, to force conflict between the Nazis and opposing strong arm groups is that Republicans intentionally commit evil acts and by implication, Democrats do not, is inherently false. The real issue is not memorial and statutes, or if a few hundred people show up in random cities proclaiming themselves Nazis. Energy is wasted and opportunities for real change is missed when people show up to counter-protest and encourage engagement. The Nazi numbers are small, but the media always goes with the sex story, followed by violence. Especially violence by people that the viewing audience hates, or has been trained to hate. Counter protest instead at another site. Instead of telling people that Nazis suck, tell people that we can guarantee jobs for everyone, explain that health care can be available to all, that public college can be free and all past debts to public colleges will be forgiven or repaid. Tell people that ancestral slavery victims will receive reparations along with reparations to those whose land was stolen by the United States as it conquered the native peoples. All this is not a pipe dream. It is economically feasible and socially desirable.  Does not solve all problems, but simultaneously insisting on truth and refusing to let lady liberty to even peek beneath her blindfold will move the needle ever closer to true justice.

Our problem is not that the President is an incompetent asshole and that by relieving him of duty will change anything. Nor will punching a Nazi in the nose, instead it will only escalate the anger and confusion seething through the country and the world. Our problem is that we have an economic crises, where unemployment is artificially deflated by not including those that have been discarded by our Capitalistic job market. Young people across the country are destroying themselves sometimes to death through opioid and meth addictions, because for just a bit the desperation to survive is subsumed by the high. Another problem is that we have a nation that claims to exercise democracy, yet the two parties that rule do a little dance with one party stopping people from voting and the other singing quietly from the sidelines “ooooo, you bad, and you naughty” but they don’t do a damn thing about it.

I don’t care if Nazis march. And you will not find me endorsing using their tactics against them. It is their tactics of violence and repression that make them strong, using them only strengthens them. I want to snuff out Nazis by refusing to feed them the attention and blood they crave. Destroy Nazis with the light of ideas that bring positive changes to our individual lives, opportunity to our economic system, justice to our justice systems, and peace  to our international positions.



Hello, Is there anybody in there?

I have had it with this Trump guy.  I am not amused at his juvenile tweets, his sleazy salesman phrases, and most of all the never ending articles friends and foes alike explaining to …  who?  Explaining that Trump is an asshole, Trump just said the worst thing a President ever said, Trump is insane, and so on and on it goes. Every hour of every day. But let me get back to that dangling sentence, who are these never ending articles explaining all of Trump’s faults aimed at?  Not me, I am certain. I lost interest in The Donald about one week after he announced he was running. Not that I was so certain that he couldn’t win, but I was much more concerned about who the Democrats would nominate. You see, I never gave voting for a Republican a moments thought, and there was not one person out of all 17 that were running that I would vote for. Also, in MA, where I live, if you are registered in any party then you can only vote for a candidate in that party, so why bother listening to Republicans openly fight among themselves about which one will harm more people when they became President.  If I paid attention to them, perhaps I would have tallied each one’s blood lust potential score; great sport!

I am still curious though about the shares and posts, the tweets and MSM news and the wannabe MSM news talk endlessly about Trump. That reminds me, have you heard that most of the world leaders have decided to just ignore Trump?  Imagine that! Angela Merkel and I have something in common! Wonders certainly do never cease.  But in America there seems to be, especially among the large number of people who despise that Trump is President, a need to tell each other? just how awful Trump is. Certainly, they don’t think that Trump supporters will read one of these articles, or a MSM story  in the paper or on their telly and slap their forehead while shouting out, “damn I had no idea what an ignorant, incompetent, racist, buffoon Trump is”. No, they won’t.  That is why I rarely write about Trump, other than to note that the only good for America reason he should be impeached or removed from office is for gross incompetence.

Do you think if I wrote to Ms. Merkel we could be pen pals?

What In Tarnation is a Progressive anyways?

Maine Desert - Created by good intentions gone bad
Maine Desert – Created by good intentions gone bad


We in America all talk of how we have a two-party system. Many persons disappointed in the current state of affairs have expressed a desire for a third-party.  Usually they want the third-party because “neither party is for the people”, or “they’re all a bunch of crooks”, and “it don’t matter who I vote for, they are all the same”.  All true statements, but only partly. Our present election system indirectly encourages office seekers and officeholders to put the interest of the people low on their priority list, it allows for unsavory legal and outright illegal deals to be made, and both of the two major parties have created a political infrastructure where you either sing the same song or don’t sing at all. But inside all the noise, there is a lot more going on and America is not really divided into two. We are not just either a Democrat or a Republican, a Liberal or a Conservative; or any of the tiny and not tiny offshoots of those four major alignments. What is unusual is that with negligible exceptions the Democrats have all the Liberals in their tent, and the Republicans have all the Conservatives. In the past, each party consisted of a coalitions of other groups along the political Right to Left spectrum. Not anymore. Right are Conservative Republicans, and Left are Liberal Democrats.

But as I noted, there used to be Republican Liberals. And most notably, the Republican Party under Teddy Roosevelt created the modern Progressive movement.  Progressives were and are a liberal faction that places as it highest goal the supremacy of the individual person.  This is similar and yet the opposite of the Objectivists, AKA the followers of Ayn Rand’s Libertarianism. The key difference between Progressives and the Objectivists is simply a question of how the supremacy is defined and how it is accomplished.  The Objectivists believe each individual is solely responsible for their accomplishments and that means in the Objectivists worldview that the more an individual achieves is an indicator of how much better or worse that individual is as compared to others.  A Progressive on the other hand believes that individual supremacy occurs when all persons are helped, guided, and encouraged to achieve whatever they are best at. This requires that our social mores and government (communal) actions are all biased toward the goal of each person achieving their individual supremacy. Objectivists are a special case of Conservative and Progressives are a special case of Liberals.

But beyond the individual person’s achievements there is another even larger gap. Progressives do not recognize the supremacy or even the legitimacy of the artificial person known as corporations to overrule the supremacy of natural persons. Objectivists, see the corporation as a collection of persons.  The persons who run the corporations then use the corporation’s achievements to justify supremacy over other persons natural and artificial. It is a difference of perception, one which I personally choose the Progressive argument.

So here is the Turing test to see if a person is truly a Progressive.  Many Liberals and Progressives will agree on policy details, but there is a big, huge, difference that will steer the decision-making once they have achieved public office. The test is an answer to a simple question. Do you believe that we, as a society, can achieve our loftiest ambitions by allowing corporations and it’s representative Natural Persons to have any say in our laws and regulations? Any person that answers ‘yes’ is not a Progressive.




The Winter of a lot of Snow
The Winter of a lot of Snow


The Left Wing equivalent of Fox News, MSNBC, has raised the white flag and surrendered. The Conservative movement has at last destroyed its only true Liberal foe and with the most recent election now passed, they stand alone as the near consensus of how America should be governed and educated, their agenda sets the ground rules for how we manage our economy, decide public issues such as immigration, gay marriage, abortion and all other subjects that prior to the death of MSNBC there were two equal sides. No more. There is no Liberal voice remaining, the other networks accused of Liberal bias by Fox News have been playing me too with Fox for years. Sorry Liberals, soon they will all be gone, except for Rachel; and she cannot pull the load herself. Sure, the rumors are that Rev. Sharpton will be given a weekend slot, and I pray he is not going to replace Alex. Chris Hayes may be out the door with Ed not far behind? No information on O’Donnell, perhaps he stays.  But other rumors are they are bring Morning Joe back to evenings. The Liberal experiment on TV in the post Reagan / Clinton America has ended.

But, the truth is the MSNBC that many Americans think was Fox’s counter network, never was. It was always and still is, a source of easy revenue for its parent NBC. Sure, early on it was planned as an experimental network with Microsoft and NBC joining forces with NBC providing the television expertise and Microsoft supplying bold, new ideas.  The mistake was that Microsoft was not built on new ideas, it was built by cherry picking others ideas and mixing them with ideas from another area of technology.  Microsoft is strongest at integrating not innovating. So, eventually there was little input from Microsoft, except as an investor.  And that is why all the prison shows. Cheap to produce and there is a segment of America that loves that type of programming.

For a while, Keith Olbermann brought an original presentation from a less heard political viewpoint and ratings started to rise. It appeared they had hit a formula that worked. It was timing as much as it was Olbermann. Before him they had tried Phil Donahue and fired him for being too liberal. They also tried Rush Limbaugh and fired him for not getting any viewers.  So, obviously, they started without a political agenda and only created an illusion of one after Olbermann hit ratings gold, and it was OK again to criticize the President.  In fact Roger Ailes, the head honcho at FOX, first ran MSNBC, and he left partly because they refused to let him have a political agenda.

So, in reality the change of course for MSNBC is actually the norm. It was created to be an innovative cable channel, but ended up being a kite. It soared when the winds of the political climate blew strong against the side in power and anchored to the ground on a slim string of sensationalist, reality shows about jail and criminals.

So, no the Left Wing has not lost its only voice. MSNBC was never a voice for any political agenda, it was and is all just programming for ratings without a clue that their audience got bored with their programming. Fox can do what they do and get ratings because it works well with their demographics. MSNBC tried to follow Fox’s programming and thought they would attract everyone that disagreed with the Fox agenda. After a while it stopped working. And bereft of ideas and creativity they began to slide. Soon MSNBC will be just another CNN, dead and nobody knows it, including CNN. Its too bad that by the time that happens, Jon Stewart may not be in a position to point it out.



Random Thoughts

Maine, March 2010
Maine, March 2010



It has been a while since I have posted a blog and a lot has happened.  First we get that horror show called an election. Does anyone think that it was almost entirely the fault of the Democrats? I do. Then there is the all of a sudden every week reporting of another white cop on black citizen’s beating or killing. Do you think this is new? I don’t. I think it is just now finally being reported. What else has happened? Oh yeah, President Obama relaxed the effort somewhat on rounding up every single undocumented person in the US. Actually providing them with work permits, collecting taxes from them, and even allowing them to learn the rules of driving in the US.  Good stuff, we save millions of dollars chasing after people that just want to work, and even collect more taxes from them than we do now. I think it was too little, but it is way more than we had a few months ago? And most people agree. But then, not all is good on the President Obama front, is it? There was that silly budget continuing resolution that included a bunch of bad policy initiatives, mostly planted by Republicans with just enough blue dog Democrat and Presidential support to get through both houses.

Finally, the President redeemed that act of playing Corporate favorites by opening up relations to China. Reversing policies that have been in place since Eisenhower and then Kennedy. Let the vacation deals begin!

For a blog called OpionatedWriters, this entry is short on Opinion. If you are new to this blog and my entries in particular, that will change.  And if anyone was a fan of the excruciatingly long  Time Traveling  for Jobs series, be assured that will be completed. I have delegated that task to Einstein and he is diligently at work on it, but his handicap does slow him down considerably, along with the language barrier.